LockCrypt is an account management program which provides a secure, central database to store difficult to remember passwords and other personal information. It's free, open source and includes:

Latest Versions

LockCrypt Released Open Source

The entire source for all versions of LockCrypt has now been released under the GPLv2. It's available on CodePlex, and any contributions are welcomed. Just submit a patch.

LockCrypt on CodePlex

The Java and J2ME versions haven't been updated in a long time, and I'm more focused on Windows and Windows Mobile development. If anyone can help with maintaining these, your help would be appreciated.

LockCrypt 3.10

LockCrypt 3.10 is ready, bringing custom icon support and Twofish encryption. If you're a LockCrypt Mobile user, you need to upgrade to v1.61 as well, due to the icon support.

Changes since LockCrypt 3.0
  • Added: Custom icon support.
  • Added: 256 bit Twofish as an alternative encryption algorithm.
  • Added: Keepass 2.x import.
  • Added: Printing.
  • Added: CSV and HTML export.
  • Added: MySQL support.
  • Added: Database descriptor files.
  • Changed: Firefox extension matching (when file:/// paths are used).
  • Fixed: Menu styling.

Some translations are getting outdated and need to be updated, and volunteers are always appreciated.

LockCrypt 3.0

After a few weeks of beta testing, LockCrypt 3.0 is finally ready. This is a total rewrite of the Java version and is available only for Windows. The same steps for upgrading as usual apply (see the readme).

Changes in LockCrypt 3.0 since Beta 2
  • Added: Password Generator.
  • Added: Command line support.
  • Added: Firefox extension support.
  • Added: Search.
  • Changed: Double clicking an account or group in the right hand pane now opens it for viewing.

LockCrypt 3.0 Beta 2

Quite a lot added in this version, but a few more things to go before it offers all the features of LockCrypt Java.

Changes in LockCrypt 3.0 Beta 2
  • Added: AutoType.
  • Added: Re-lock option.
  • Added: Create copy for accounts.
  • Added: Secure clipboard.
  • Added: Hotkeys.
  • Added: Automatic re-lock.
  • Added: Prompt to continue if a blank password is given when creating a database.
  • Added: Drag and drop between the tree and account list.
  • Added: Option to change database password.
  • Added: Option to autostart with Windows.
  • Added: Minimze to tray.
  • Changed: The selected item is no longer reset in the tree after editing.
  • Changed: When importing or exporting, the currently selected type is now selected and the default extension is updated rather than the value selected when the window was opened.
  • Fixed: Text wrapping on account view where accounts had long names.

LockCrypt 3.0 Beta 1

LockCrypt 3.0 beta is an entire rewrite of the Java version of LockCrypt. As from 3.0, the Java version (Mac and Linux) will cease development. There's a great deal which LockCrypt Java does and it's being ported slowly to WPF.

This initial release (beta 1) supports lets you manage your accounts, templates and groups and is compatible with LockCrypt Mobile 1.60 only. If you have an existing database to import there are two ways you can upgrade (covered in the readme file).

Upgrading from LockCrypt 2.x (Java)

Export your database from LockCrypt 2.x by clicking File->Export->XML or LockCrypt Database. Install the latest version of LockCrypt, then click File->Open->Legacy XML File or Legacy Database.

LockCrypt on Computer Shopper DVD

LockCrypt has been published on the cover DVD of Computer Shopper!

LockCrypt on Computer Shopper cover DVD

I was grinning for hours when I heard about this from a friend. Massive thanks to Computer Shopper, this is greatly appreciated. I've only seen LockCrypt in Computer Shopper so far, but Dennis Publishing also publish Computer Buyer, Custom PC, Den of Geek, MacUser, Mac Channel, Mobile Computer and PC Pro and the agreement I signed lets them include it in any of these, so keep an eye out and let me know on the forums if you spot it anywhere else.

LockCrypt 2.28

There are no new features added in this minor release, but French and Klingon translations have been added.

LockCrypt 2.20

Several requested features have been added in version 2.20 and there are a couple of minor bug fixes.

Changes in LockCrypt 2.20
  • Added: Selective account export (Thanks Attilla).
  • Added: Encrypted XML export.
  • Added: Installer option to associate LockCrypt with .lce files.
  • Added: Splash screen.
  • Added: Status bar to show the location of the current database.
  • Changed: If an external database is specified and the file cannot be found, an error is displayed and and the default database is loaded instead.
  • Updated: Hungarian translation (Thanks Attilla).
  • Fixed: UTF8 bug when exporting account types.
  • Fixed: If there are too many fields in an account to fit on the screen, the Add Account

LockCrypt 2.15

There are a few new features and some usability changes in this release. LockCrypt can now automatically re-lock after a set interval, and accounts and types can be imported/exported separately.

Changes in LockCrypt 2.15
  • Added: AutoLock after inactivity.
  • Added: Option to import/export only accounts or types (Thanks Danyar).
  • Added: Wildcard URLs for website accounts (Thanks Agent009).
  • Changed: AutoType is now available from the context menus as well.
  • Changed: Hidden fields used for the Firefox extension can now be edited (Thanks Agent009).
  • Changed: Field names on the edit field for are now shown in a scrollpane.

LockCrypt 2.10

LockCrypt 2.10 adds dynamic fields to AutoType, as well as an option to insert delays when sending keypresses. The options dialog has also been redesigned.

The translations for the Firefox extension have also been updated.

Changes in LockCrypt 2.10
  • Added: Dynamic fields.
  • Added: Option to insert delays with AutoType.
  • Added: Icons to options tabs and changed layout of options panel.
  • Added: AutoStart with Windows.
  • Changed:The AutoType tools menu can now be accessed by clicking on the main button as well as the dropdown.
  • Fixed: The keys ^%+{}() can now be typed as long as they're preceded by a backslash.