LockCrypt 3.0 Beta 1

LockCrypt 3.0 beta is an entire rewrite of the Java version of LockCrypt. As from 3.0, the Java version (Mac and Linux) will cease development. There's a great deal which LockCrypt Java does and it's being ported slowly to WPF.

This initial release (beta 1) supports lets you manage your accounts, templates and groups and is compatible with LockCrypt Mobile 1.60 only. If you have an existing database to import there are two ways you can upgrade (covered in the readme file).

Upgrading from LockCrypt 2.x (Java)

Export your database from LockCrypt 2.x by clicking File->Export->XML or LockCrypt Database. Install the latest version of LockCrypt, then click File->Open->Legacy XML File or Legacy Database.

Please direct all feedback to the forums.